The riding season is coming, FAST! You haven't bought half the stuff you had planed for this winter yet. There's just not enough time to save all that money, and life keep getting in the way. Bills stalk up, your anniversary, cars break down and christmas got out of hand.

Dont worry! Here's 5 tips on how to prioritize your winter spendings so when the snow clears out, you are ready to RIDE!

1. RIDE TIME should always be your highest priority. No matter how fancy a pure carbon helmet looks and how nasty a full exhaust system sounds, its pretty useless if you cant actually ride. Therefore always make sure you have the essentials covered befor you start spending on "fun stuff".
Tyres, brake pads, maintenance, whatever your bike needs to get out on the roads. If your a race track junkie, this also means racing licens and track days. Which brings us to the next point.  

2. TAX DEDUCTIONS. This one is tricky as the laws differ pending on where you live, so you have to find out what applies in your country. I can only speak from what i know, and here's what I do. First I have my employer pay a HIGHER tax rate, this means I get a return on my taxes later, its like I have a savings account and because taxes are payed before I recive my paycheck, it doesn't hurt as much.  Yes, I know this is not the smartest form of investment, but for a short time saving and with verry little money, at least you wont be able to spend it.
Dont pay more taxes than you have to! I also make sure to keep receipts and make all deductions that is legally possible. For instance, I have to travel to work, which  is tax deductable. I recomend you get help from a professional on this one as they often can make you money regardless of their cost.
By doing this, I manage to finance at least three trackdays per year.

3. BE PATIENT. as we covered earlier, ride time should always be the main objective. But there's no denying the constant lure towards new, shiny carbon fiber, fresh smelling leather boots and technical gadgets that you dont know half of what it does! And lets face it, some times we dont want to compromise, we NEED all those things, its part of what makes owning a motorbike fun. I am not arguing against it, but you can still make sure to be smart about it!
Ask your self: do I really need this, and is there a less expensive alternative. If you take your time to think about it, you will often find the awnser to be NO, I dont need this. But sometimes the awnser is undisputedly YES. That means you need to get as much value as possible for the least amount of money.
Dont be afraid to ask a seller for a better deal. I have saved plenty of money by making offers on the last item in the store for example. Scope the internet, be active on all the auction sites and take your time with it. Sellers on Ebay, and similar sites,  are often times open to making a deal. be sure you contact them befor you hit the "buy now" button! You cant get more than a no.
Also, as mentioned in the video, make sure to play nice, be polite and use good language. Next season you might ask the same seller to make a deal and if you where an asshole, chanses are they remembers you.

4. LEARN THE BASICS. You can save plenty of money by doing the work your self. Basic motorcycle service and maintenance are all pretty simple stuff, and there are plenty of videos showing you how its done. (Just make sure you dont compromise any warranties if you have a newer bike.) So there are no excuses not to save your hard earnd cash by getting a bit of dirt under your finger nails.
Not only will this save you money, but it will also give you the confidence of knowing what has been done to your bike, and it gives you a deeper understanding of the bike you are riding.

5. MAKE FRIENDS. As corny as the fith and final point on this list may sound, making friends may be the best investment you can ever make! A group of friends have loads of resources between them. I have personaly acquired a lot of tyres and motorcycle parts by trading with friends for work. If you need to hold on to your money, trade your skills. Everyone is good at something, and it doesn't have to be motorcycle related. 
So make friends, have fun and help eachother out! 

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed!
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