About us

Birka is a part of "Get Shit Done", a private owned business rooting in the fitness comunity creating street- and workout apparel. In 2015 I descided to start racing motorcycles as a hobby, but I had a hard time finding a leathersuit worthy of a race track without breaking the bank. The cheap ones where realy bad quality and the good ones where just to expensive! As I had allready developed relationships with various textile factories around the world, I decided to develop my own suit to be safe, comfortable and affordable! Our first suit released the next year and the rest is history! Our suits are constantly under development and we are big on feedback and encurage our custumers to give us their input so we can keep improving our products. We want to be more than just a random brand, we want to be in touch with our comunity!

Birka was the first known city of the vikings, and a marketplace for trading items from all over the world, including Asia, Africa and even noth America. Merchants from all over Europe came here to trade with the vikings who controled all trade in the Scandinavian area. Now days, people dont need to travel to trade. That is why we decided to name our brand Birka, to connect our Scandinavian heritage with the modern world and technology we now use to trade.

"Numbers cannot skill withstand"

 -The saga of Harald Hardrade